Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any benefits for first-time customers?

Absolutely, first time clients do get $5 OFF just for choosing Afreen as their henna artist of choice.

What is the cost of henna services provided by Afreen?

Great question! Price varies due to size and intricacy. A small child that is 5 years old is different than an adult getting bridal henna done. Afreen does give price quotes if you know how big and how intricate the design would roughly be. Fill out a contact form today to get your quote!

Do you have designs I can look from?

Absolutely! Please check out Afreen's Portfolio by clicking Portfolio at the top of this page. These are a handful of the very many Afreen has done. Clients are welcome and encouraged to send Afreen a picture of their henna.

Where can I follow your posts about henna?

Afreen does have the following social media:
Facebook Page: Artist Afreen
Instagram: artist.afreen

Do you do private parties?

Yes, Afreen does private parties at clients locations. Minimum of five people and there is no maximum. It can be at the clients house, an event hall, a park, etc.

How do private party bookings work?

Afreen requires a $25 deposit for booking a private party. If the host cancels, the deposit is non-refundable as that time was blocked off, so Afreen turned down other clients during that time. If Afreen cancels due to unforeseen circumstances, the deposit gets refunded back to the host. Parties can be per hour or per person. Contact Afreen to find out which one would work best for you!

How can I pay Afreen?

Afreen accepts many different forms of payments. Cash, credit cards, cash apps (PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App), and checks. Afreen collects the payment the day of service. (For private parties, I collect the payment the day of the party and deduct the deposit from the total.)

What if I didn't get the 48 hours result for henna?

Henna takes 48 hours to develop. If the 48 hours result is not there, Afreen does the same henna again FREE of charge. All Afreen asks for is a picture of the henna result on the second day. Henna does fade away on average on the hands within 7-10 days. Anything after 2 days will not be considered as there are many factors that make henna fade away.

What makes henna fade fast?

Top reasons that cause henna to fade fast:
-antibacterial soap (encouraged not to wash dishes by hand, use the dishwasher)
-makeup remover (usually helps the fingers fade faster)
-swimming (to protect it from fading faster, use vaseline as it will create a thick barrier for the chlorine to penetrate, but get the henna after the swim is what Afreen would recommend)


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