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"She was very gracious enough do my first Henna! And I'm so excited. I will be seeing her next month for my birthday!"

Clerissa Criswell

"Such a beautiful job, I've gotten many compliments!"

Sandra Villarreal House

"Artist Afreen has beautiful detailed henna that I have been privileged to be adorned with many times. The quality of the Henna combined with her talents is a masterful combination! Everytime I have Afreen's work is display on my arms and hands the compliments are many!"

Donna Croniser

"Absoutley gorgeous job! Can't wait to see it after it dries!"

Sara Cote

"Very kind, personable and does good work."

Abby Schwartz

"She does such wonderful work! I'm a repeat customer."

Petlow Schmetlow

"Absolutely loved both hennas I've gotten from her! Very creative, pays attention to detail, and overall a great artist! Would recommend to anyone!"

Jenny Freier

"She did a great job doing henna for me, my daughter and my son (he got a fire breathing dragon henna tattoo). She is kind and great at what she does!"

Sofia Malik

"Beautiful work! I loved the henna and meeting the fantastic young artist behind the work."

Lc Barakat

"I love her work! Its so amazing and she always does an amazing job!!! Definitely recommend. She is really good with working with budgets!"

"I had my 1st experience with Henna on the body. Afreen was very engaging where I was able to enjoy & looking for the next one."

Denise Baldwin-Davis

"Beautifully done to me and my two little girls... Thank you so much. Loved it."

Lina Hyat


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